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Investigation of the Family Reunification application by ORAC

Applications for family reunification made to the Family Reunification Section (INIS) are acknowledged and referred to the Family Reunification Unit (ORAC) for investigation.

ORAC investigates, in writing, the relationship between the refugee and the person who is the subject of the application and the domestic circumstances of the person. ORAC may also investigate the nature of the relationship between a refugee and a dependent family member outlining the nature of the dependency having regard to the mental/physical incapacitation of the dependent family member, where applicable.

ORAC issues a questionnaire to the refugee for completion to assist in the investigation of the application. The refugee is allowed 10 working days to complete the questionnaire and return it to ORAC. ORAC may also issue written requests to the refugee for certain information and documentary evidence it considers necessary during the course of its investigation.

Applications referred to the Family Reunification Unit (ORAC) by the Family Reunification Unit (INIS) for investigation are dealt with, ordinarily, in chronological order (i.e. in order by the date they are received).

Applications are processed by ORAC, ordinarily, within 18-20 weeks of receipt of the application in ORAC, depending on the complexity of the application and the number of cases on hand at any one time. A refugee may write to ORAC to enquire about the progress of their application at any stage of its investigation. Written requests for information may be made to:

Family Reunification Unit,
Office of the Refugee Applications Commissioner (ORAC),
Timberlay House,
79-83 Lower Mount Street,
Dublin 2.

ORAC will issue a written response within 5 working days of receipt of the query.

Upon completion of its investigation, ORAC writes to the refugee informing them that the investigation is complete and provides a copy of the section 18 report detailing its investigation of the application. ORAC submits a section 18 report to the Minister for Justice and Equality for a decision. A final decision on the outcome of the family reunification application will issue, in writing, from the Family Reunification Section (INIS) in due course.

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